Trouble Shooting the Four Fields: 2. Gospel

Four Fields  gospel

We’re looking at how to troubleshoot each of the Four Fields of a church planting movement.

Key questions

  • How many will hear the Gospel message today in your fields?
  • Where will the sowers come from?

Reproducing Discipleship truth/Vision casting:

  • Field 2 is the engine in a movement. 1 Corinthians 15:1-5 — right message, Acts 20:21 — right response

Diagnostic Questions:

  • Do you have the habit? Are you sharing the Gospel frequently?
  • Does the Gospel presentation you are using have the potential to multiply through the average person in your people group?
  • Concerning the people you have trained, are they 100% clear on the Gospel and how to share the Gospel one simple way?
  • Are you holding people accountable weekly to share the Gospel and to train others weekly to share the Gospel?
  • Are you calling people to make a decision? Does the expected decision match Acts 20:21?
  • Are your folks talking about grandchildren in the Lord?
  • Is ‘mouth to ear’ the focus of your training? Do you depend on media for sowing?
  • How quickly are new believers trained to engage oikos and share?
To find out more about the Four Fields download Nathan’s training material and listen in to my interviews with Nathan from South Asia and Jeff Sundell and Friends.