9 Questions

Timothy Scheuer posted in Following and Fishing Forum

Some time ago I shared with Brian Medway the 9 keys to CPM's that I learned from Jeff Sundell. Brian has turned them into 9 helpful questions. I received this from Brian this morning...

We have taken the nine features of CPM’s as a little checklist we apply regularly to help keep us on track:

1. Am I praying for the people around me who need to hear the gospel by name?

2. Am I experiencing revelation and insights from Scripture?

3. How abundantly am I sharing the gospel?

4. Are those who have become followers of Christ being equipped to make disciples?

5. Where can I start a new group with a seeker or new believer?

6. Are the groups developing in a way that will see them become churches?

7. Are leaders being recognized and trained?

8. Have there been signs and wonders?

9. Am I engaging the powers and strongholds in a way that causes them to create opposition, hardship or persecution?