Go Beth!

This just came in from one of my colleagues. Names changed to protect the innocent.


I'm in Darwin, just finished debrief with those I trained last month. Dear Beth, quiet and soft spoken and in her 70's, has shared her faith with 4 people, been door knocking several times and has led her husband and two friends to Christ - go Beth!


Everywhere we train people to connect, looking for persons of peace, and to share the gospel, telling their story and Jesus' story. . . Everywhere people are coming to know Christ.

Michelle and I have never seen anything like it in our lives. Last week we personally led six people to Christ. What excites me most of all is that neither of us are evangelists.

So I'm getting out and training ordinary people around Australia to Connect, Share the Gospel, and Train Disciples.

Wollongong NSW August 10-11, 2012 Launceston TAS August 24-25 Sydney sometime in September