Keeping score: 2. Connecting with people

A chat with Dave Ferguson got me thinking about measuring the right things if we want to fuel church planting movemets. We've already looked at tracking how well we're seeing the need. Here's the full list.

2. Connecting with people.

I have picture in my mind of Jesus waking up one in strange town, stepping outside the door and wondering to himself, "Who has the Father prepared for me to meet today?"

The gospels are full of stories about the people Jesus met. Most of them he'd never met before. The rich, the poor, Jews and Gentiles, men and women, rogues and righteous.

He was always on the move, meeting new people.

Wherever he goes, he's looking for faith. He's looking for the people God has prepared. In Luke 10 he calls them "people of peace." They welcome the messenger and the message, and they become the bridge for the gospel to spread into their whole community—the woman at the well, Zacchaeus, the demoniac. The taught his disciples to do the same.

Back to tracking the right things.

Open you calendar and take a look at your last month. How much time did you spend connecting with people? Did you connect broadly, like Jesus did, looking for reponsive people?

How do find a responsive person? You ask questions and listen. Share your story, share Jesus' story. Invite people to take a next step.

Jesus got to spiritual matters quickly with most people.

So. .

  • How broadly have you been connecting?
  • As you connect, how have you been looking for responsive people?
  • How quickly are you moving from connecting with individuals to connecting with their relational community?

Jesus made missional real. He made it about people. He spent time with people, looking for persons of peace who became bridges tot heir community.

This week, take a chance. Expect God to show up.

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Next time we'll talk about sharing the gospel.