Sharing Isa

It was around 4am. The second night in Malaysia and I was wide awake. I wandered down to the hotel lobby to see if I could pick up an internet connection and bumped into another insomniac—Abdul from Saudi Arabia. Malaysia is a great place to meet muslims. It's a muslim state, and thousands of muslims from the middle east honeymoon and holiday in Malaysia every year. Abdul was one of them.

I struck up a conversation about life in Saudi Arabia, and life as a muslim. Abdul was devout, so I started asking questions about salvation, the Prophet, and Isa (Jesus).

Fortunately I had just finished reading an excellent summary of the Camel—a helpful way to sharing Jesus with muslims starting with what the Quran and bridging to the Injil (New Testament).

We talked for an hour and parted as friends. It was the best sleepless night I've had for a long time.

The Camel website

The book. . .

"The Camel: How Muslims Are Coming to Faith in Christ!" (Kevin Greeson)

UPDATE: An interview with Kevin Greeson