Exceptional leadership

Most denominational systems have a Glenn Townend. Someone who breaks the mould and sees the gospel spread, disciples made, and churches planted. Normally they are regarded as an exception.

Most denominational systems don't know what to do with someone like Glenn. This is what I'd do with him. . .

First, I would leave him in his current role for a very long time. Let him lock in the change and raise up the leaders who will take this emerging movement into the next generation.

Next I'd give him the best. I'd identify the next wave of pioneering leaders and send them to Western Australia to plant reproducing churches under Glenn's leadership.

Once they've done that, they're ready to return to their home state and do it again.

I'd find leaders in other regions who are silly enough to do what Glenn has done, and teachable enough to chase Glenn for coaching. I'd let them grow through the experience of implementing change and locking it in.

Finally, I wouldn't make Glenn the exception. I'd set the bar at the same height for everyone. I'd expect every district to multiply disciples and churches. I'd look for godly, determined, and teachable leaders who will make it happen, or die trying.

The thing to remember is that it is not talent or luck that separates guys like Glenn from everybody else. He's just an ordinary guy, doing his job.