News from the Front (door)

This just came in from the frontline. I've changed some names . . .


Over the past week I have been building relationship with a new single parent family met while door knocking.

I have just finished praying for mum – Julie – who has nasty ulcers on her arm that have been very slow healing. The pain has kept her from sleeping. I prayed that God would give her relief from the pain tonight, heal up those sores more quickly and give her His peace.

I prayed for her teenage son Matt, who is an atheist who likes to argue his point but he likes talking with me. I prayed God would reveal himself very personally to Matt. I asked Matt to stand with me as I took his mum’s hand and prayed for her.

His dad died of a heroin overdose when Matt and his sister Annie were young. Matt reminds me of myself when I was a teenager – he can really state an argument!!!

Please pray with me that God would show up in their lives and do something powerful. I have never been much good at praying for healing but God has been prodding me about stepping out in faith and giving him a chance to work.



Someone should tell Tim that "door knocking" is so 1950s. I'm sure Jesus prefers Facebook. . .

Don't forget to pray.