4 more things Tim taught me

A few more lessons from my teacher Tim. . .

4. Radically orthodox

Tim has no problem with the truth and relevance of the gospel. He has certainty when it comes to his message but flexibility when it comes to his methods. He knows the difference between what is given and what is up for grabs. He adapts without compromise.

5. Living with no regrets

Under Tim’s leadership, Church Army was in great shape. There was no need to upset the apple cart. Until Tim considered the needs of lost people. Until he asked, “What will it take to reach this nation?” and worked back from there. Then he realised, things had to change.

6. Infecting others

While Tim pioneers in Airds he’s also training anyone who’ll listen to go and do the same in other locations. He figured, if his life was to be turned on its head, he might as well mess up lives of other people. Now momentum is building.

7. Not alone

Tim is no lone ranger. He’s regularly in touch with Barney and with other practitioners. He knows his need for support and accountability. He also has something to contribute, not just because he’s a sharp missional thinker, but because he has fresh stories to tell of lives changed by the gospel. The kingdom has come to Airds.

Some people think I’m an expert on movements. I probably am. What they don’t realise is, everything I know I learned from guys like Barney and Tim. People who follow Jesus and obey his command to make disciples wherever he sends them.