Airds week 4

Tim writes, thanks so much for praying for me and the team and the people of Airds. A few days after Nicci and Shane gave their lives to Christ I asked if they would write out their story. I have included below for your encouragement and ongoing prayer:

Nichole — This is my story about becoming a Christian. Before I became a Christian I lived a very selfish life doing what I wanted when I wanted. Doing drugs and drinking alcohol and treating people as I pleased.

I have never been against religion but had some confusion and was unsure how to have a relationship with Jesus and God. On the 18th of May 09 I asked for forgiveness of my sin and prayed for a true relationship with Jesus Christ and God.

During this prayer I got tingles all over me and instantly felt fulfilled and alone no more. I now have a sense of love like none I have ever known and I feel the weight of the world has been lifted. I can’t wait to help spread God’s word and help people find their place in God’s heart.

Shane – Accepting Jesus Christ in my life was the hardest choice I’ve ever had to make, but by having faith in Him was the most rewarding. I felt a sense of love I’ve never felt before. It was overwhelmingly powerful.

My wife to be or my parents have never touched me in a way our Lord has. I’m not normally an emotional person but I did shed a few tears and I felt like I was in heaven. With Jesus in my life I don’t need drugs or alcohol to block out anything anymore.

I have a purpose in life and with God’s help I will find out what that is. What Jesus has done for all of us, it would be my honour to get to know him personally. Each day is a learning process and I still sin. I realise I can’t meet His expectations but I am putting in a 100% effort in trying to improve myself for Him. It would have been nice to be able to meet the man in the flesh.

I wonder if Tim is missing the time he used to spend at the office. . .