You don't know what you're missing

iStock_000000331458XSmall.jpgCaught up with a church planter recently. He's doing a great job. Growing in skill and character. Taking the church beyond the pioneering phase to health and viability.

At this point too many church planters get the idea that it's all about the growth of "their" church. But growth is a by-product of health. If it becomes a goal in itself, you'll pay a price one day.

No, what this guy is thinking about . . . dreaming about. . . is growing godly leaders who plant churches. Everywhere.

Great news? Not if you're the traditional denomination he grew up in. You just don't have the categories to understand his calling and to make room for someone like him. Even though your movement was started by someone just like him.

Great news? Not if you're a mega-church pastor committed to "satellite church planting". You want this guy to manage a campus for you. Not start a movement. You don't want someone who is just like you were. Once.

So what do you do with a guy like this? Hopefully you release him with your blessing, and let him go change the world.