12 Essential Elements of a Church Planting Movement

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Some more insight from New Generations International on church planting movements.

  1. Mobilize persistent prayer on a large scale

  2. Eliminate the inherent barriers caused by transmitting external “Western/Christian” culture

  3. Establish “simple” churches based on the fundamental biblical requirements

  4. Gain access to restricted or resistant areas through compassionate service

  5. Finding and discipling the “Man (or Woman) of Peace” (Mt.10, Luke 10) as the key to establishing an “insiders” movement

  6. Utilize chronological storytelling within oral cultures to effectively lay a biblical foundation for understanding God, salvation, and the Christian life

  7. “Disciple people into conversion” through progressive family-based evangelism and personal discovery from God's Word

  8. Provide heart-language Scripture resources in audio and written formats

  9. Train new believers to discover God's truth through personal study of His Word and to obey immediately

  10. Emphasize “obedience-based discipleship” as a lifestyle for every believer

  11. Utilize only indigenous church planters and local lay leaders to launch and lead new churches

  12. Train new leaders to regularly plant new churches as a normal part of being a church

When will the West with all it's resources and sophistication catch up to what God is doing in the rest of the world?