More on the Australian census figures

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The latest figures for the 2006 Australian census are out. Here are some highlights on religious identification: 2006 Australian Census.

To be expected: the continuing decline of the mainline Protestant denominations and the growth of Pentecostalism. In NSW alone, Pentecostal churches grew 48 per cent.

The big surprise? The decline in the number of people in Sydney identifying as Anglican—down 61,185 in five years. From a movements perspective I would expect the evangelical Sydney Anglicans to be swimming against the tide of overall Anglican decline.

But wait there's more.

A report in The Australian quoting Archbishop Peter Jensen stating actual attendance in his diocese is growing annually at 1 to 2 per cent. If that's true, there is a decreasing number of nominal Anglicans in Sydney but a growing number of active Anglicans. Remember, the census only tracks religious self identification not active involvement.

Maybe I got it right after all.