Sam Metcalf is mad

Knight Sam Metcalf is mad. He tilts his lance and charges at the traditional church and mission. Ok that's fair game. But then he turns and charges straight at the Emerging church. Foul play old chap!

His indictment #12 is an outrage! Bloggers are above criticism. Jesus never criticized the Scribes of his day . . .?

What were you thinking Sam?

I've discovered the reason for his anger. Indictment #13 for the Emerging church, when they “Write off mentors from the over 50 crowd as out of touch and irrelevant.”

How old are you Sam?

I turn 50 at the end of this year. So if you're an emerging/emergent/cool white guy with a goatee, you had better start taking me seriously as a mentor, or I'll get mad.

Bring me my trusty steed, my armour and a lance!

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