Des Nixon-1
Had coffee and pancakes with Des the other night. His guys built our extension.

“Heard you're building hospitals and factories these days Des. Are you getting out of building houses?” said I.
“Steve, I don't build buildings.”
“Well what do you do? You're a builder!”
“I build builders.”

You could have knocked me over with a house brick. An hour later let me tell you what I learnt from Des and if you care about movements you better keep reading.

I discovered that Des's mission in life is not even to be a builder but to grow young men. At his local church he invests his life he has a ministry in discipling young men. Des is smart enough to know that you don't do that sitting around in someone's lounge room in the suburbs. So he piles them into his four wheel drive and off they go into the Simpson desert for a week.

Some of the guys were from troubled backgrounds. Some of them no longer had fathers around.

Des is in the business of changing lives and as that was happening he began thinking that he's like to give some these guys a job. Up until then Des had not intention of growing his business. He was happy working on his own.

Today Des has 18 guys working for him. Some of them have come to know Christ through him.

Des doesn't build buildings, he builds builders.

Movement leaders ask: Why can't church be like that?