Defending a Scandal



Southern Baptists have passed a resolution defending the truth that Christ died for our sins, in our place, taking upon himself God's just judgment on sin.

Why the need?

Every generation must choose whether to affirm what the Scriptures have always taught. Ours is no exception. In the 1960s mainline liberal Protestantism turned its back on orthodoxy. Now progressive evangelicals are repeating their error. 

Red Letter Christians — following the spirit of the age and French Catholic philosopher Rene Girad — reject the notion of a God who requires the sacrifice of his Son for sin.

At a popular level, William Paul Young (The Shack) has said the idea that Christ died as a substitute sacrifice to save sinners and satisfy the just wrath of God the Father — is a “monstrous,” “evil,” and “a terrible doctrine.”

So well done Southern Baptists for affirming what the Scriptures have always taught.

Movements decline and decay when they drift and deny their core beliefs. They remain dynamic when they stay true to core beliefs and adapt their methods to reach a changing world.

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New release: Schnabel on Mark

Eckhard Schnabel has a commentary out on Mark's Gospel in the Tyndale series. I've read everything he writes on mission in the New Testament.


UPDATE: The US Kindle version sends you to Alan Cole's older commentary. I've asked IVP to fix it. Make sure you buy the right one.

I've begun reading and Schnabel does not disappoint. Clear and concise. A good understanding of the mission of Jesus.

No prior experience required

The Anglican Diocese of Truro, England is seeking to employ a strategic program manager to lead their Transforming Mission program. Salary of £40,000 pa.

You don't have to be a Christian to lead this Diocese in Transforming Mission. Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, atheists or New Age enthusiasts can apply as long as they want to "serve the church in the Diocese of Truro and be passionate about enabling spiritual/numerical growth".

They've taken legal advice and believe it would be unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of an employee's religion or belief, or lack of it.

Then break the law.

Blogger Archbishop Cranmer wonders, How may one be a mission leader without hearing the promptings of the Holy Spirit and abiding in the Word of God?

Unfortunately it happens all the time.