Jesus said, Come follow me and I’ll teach you to fish for people.

He promised us that if we’ll follow him, he will teach us to fish.

Has anyone ever taught you: How to connect with people? How to share your story? How to share God’s story, the gospel? How to invite someone to read the Bible with you and discover Jesus for themselves?

Following & Fishing will equip you to make disciples among people who are far from God, using simple, reproducing methods.

We run this training in many different settings, and wherever people implement we hear stories of people coming to faith in Jesus and learning to follow him in discipleship.

Russell Godward: Following & Fishing training

Russell Godward: Following & Fishing training


  • Catch a vision for multiplying disciples.
  • Reach your relational world.
  • Connect with people far from God.
  • Find God-prepared people.
  • Share your story.
  • Share God’s story, the gospel.
  • Lead people to Jesus through Discovery Bible Study.
  • Train new disciples to follow and obey Christ through Discovery Bible Study.


Download the latest English version >>

Download the latest English version >>

UK Training Events

For the latest on training around the UK contact Russell Godward.


We'll be running Following & Fishing workshops at the Torp Conference June 19-25, 2017

Details for training around Sweden: Stockholm, Arboga, Karlstad, Vanhankaupunginlahti, Falun, Orebro.

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