How does a local church take up the challenge of making disciples and planting churches? Steve Addison talks to David Bareham in Essex in the south of England.
The world is arriving on Athen's doorstep. God is at work multiplying movements across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Will Burnham reports in.
Jeff and Angie Sundell talk to Steve Addison about their summer on mission in Athens.
Steve Addison talks to Carter Cox, Dave Miller, Mark Goering about NoPlaceLeft Oklahoma City.
Steve Addison talks to Chris Clayman, co-founder of Global Gates about his journey from Mali to New York and back. Chris tells the story in his new book, Superplan: A Journey into God's Story.
Steve Addison talks to Tom Hall about his NoPlaceLeft journey in Kansas City.
Steve Addison talks to Jim Haney on what the research teaches about multiplying movements of disciples and churches.
Steve Addison talks to Dave Milne on tracking our progress in Australia.
Steve Smith shares his journey with church planting movements. He discusses his latest book, Walk in the Spirit: The Extraordinary Power of Acts for Ordinary People. Finally, Steve answers the question: What will it take to finish the task?
Bob and Mary Burton talk to Steve about NoPlaceLeft Ecuador.
Steve talks to Danny MacKay about NoPlaceLeft Canada.
Steve talks to Troy and Rachel Cooper about their NoPlaceLeft journey from the east coast to the west.
Steve Addison talks to Nick and Becky Duffy about reaching their city in the north of England.

Daniel Solid unpacks the vision for NoPlaceLeft Atlanta. A city of 6 million. An open door to the world. In the discussion Daniel mentions the book: The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran.

Mike "Puck" Puckett talks about equipping students to multiply disciples and churches. The second of two interviews.
Mike "Puck" Puckett shares his journey from leading a ministry to pioneering movements with students.  The first of two episodes.
There's nothing more important in a multiplying movement than growing the next wave of leaders. Justin White is doing just that.
Chuck Wood talks to Steve Addison about the emergence of the NoPlaceLeft network.
There are half a billion Spanish-speakers in the world. Oggie Martin wants to reach them.
The #noplaceleft Houston team talk about getting the job done in a city of 6.5 million. Left to right: Bobby Herring. Sara Vaughn, Philip Lynch, Beth, Chris Lynch, Ray Vaughn, Rodger Shull, Guy Caskey.
Ray and Sara Vaughn tell the unfolding story of NoPlaceLeft Houston and beyond.

Bryan King (Cedar Ridge Christian Church, Tulsa) tells the story of how a local church is reaching its community and sending workers to the nations.

If you want to see multiplying movements of disciples and churches, there are just three things you need to know.

The latest from Haiti via Jacob and Jephte.

Will Burnham in Athens tells the story of how people on the move are turning to Christ and learning to follow him as disciples in new churches.

Kevin Maxwell has just spent 30 Days in the Harvest. He's now one of my experts. Listen, learn, do.

Steve Addison: Levels of Leadership in a Multiplying Movement.

Trudy Read shares her journey in disciple making movements — from San Francisco to Nicaragua.
Steve Addison talks to Bill Campbell about pioneering movements in France.
Steve Addison talks to Nathan Beck about multiplying disciples and churches in the Czech Republic.
The five characteristics of dynamic movements that change the world. Delievered at Exponential 2011 and made available by
One seminary is adapting to train future movement pioneers. Steve Addison talks to Dr George Robinson of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Pioneering Movements in India - Victor John.

I talk to Matt Miller of the AT Network about disciple making movements in Rwanda.
An interview with Troy Cooper recorded at Exponential 2016.
Steve Addison talks to Daniel Reece about NoPlaceLeft Asheville NC.
Nathan Shank beams in from Nepal to answer questions at the One Mission Society (OMS) training for movement catalysts.

NoPlaceLeft Haiti – Jacob Via

Steve Addison talks to Troy Cooper about local churches adopting a NoPlaceLeft strategy for their community, and mobilising workers to make disciples and multiply churches nationally and overseas.
Steve Addison talks to Garret Lawrence about NoPlaceLeft Austin TX.