Nathan Shank explains the 4Fields.



Steve Smith shares the Father's Heart and the 4Fields.

Jeff Sunell unpacks the 4Fields.


5 Levels of Movement Leadership — Nathan Shank


Multiplying movement pioneers — Nathan Shank

Nathan Shank explains 3Thirds Discipleship


Steve Smith explains how Movements Catalysts should use their time.

Steve Addison: Levels of Leadership in a Multiplying Movement

Jeff Sundell: Pioneering movements in South Asia and the USA.



Jeff Sundell trains mid-level leaders.



Multiplying disciples and churches in the inner-city and ethnic groups.


Chuck Wood on reaching relational networks.


Multiplying churches to three generations with Jeff Sundell.

Ray Vaughn: Mapping generations of groups, disciples and churches.

Chuck Wood shows us how to assess and improve church health using Acts 2.38-47.