4Fields Training — US, Canada, South Asia and UK

Be warned. If you go, you may end up like these people.

Be warned. If you go, you may end up like these people.

Dates for 4Fields training in 2018 — US, Canada, South Asia and UK.

  • Jan 13: Denver – Gospel Conversations – details
  • Jan 19-21: Tulsa – 4Fields Intensive – details
  • Jan 24-27: San Diego – 4Fields Intensive – details
  • Jan 29 – Feb 3: South Asia – 4Fields Training
  • Feb 22-24: San Francisco – 4Fields Intensive – details
  • Mar 1: Florida — Family Church Sharper Conference – details
  • Apr 6-7: Toronto – 4Fields Intensive – contact
  • Apr 19-22: Leicester, England – 4Fields Intensive – contact
  • Apr 26-29: Atlanta – 4Fields Intensive –  contact

Troy Cooper has all the the details.

151-A Local Church Takes on the Great Commission — Bryan King

Bryan King (Cedar Ridge Christian Church, Tulsa) tells the story of how a local church is reaching its community and sending workers to the nations.

Send Russell Back to Kenya

Russell Godward

Russell Godward

My mate Russell Godward is headed back to Kenya early 2018.

I've seen first hand how much impact that man can have when he trains and coaches in Kenya. Here's a link if you'd like to find out more and support the trip financially

Meanwhile, I've still got my head down working on the next book. Planning to keep getting some podcasts but the blog is on hold.

150-Asia to the World — Kumar Pillai

Kumar shares the story of multiplying movements of disciples and churches across Asia that spill over to the rest of the world.

Connect with Kumar and Sashi through Facebook.