Back from Berlin

Just back from five days of training in Berlin. We had over sixty people attend. Twelve were Muslim background believers. 

What happens when you offer prayer to 212 Berliners?

  • 122 say, Yes.
  • 54 want to hear the gospel
  • 19 want to meet up again
  • 5 are ready to turn and believe
  • 1 is ready for immediate baptism

Ok, it's hard to get to multiplication — although Marcus Rose has shown it's possible. One thing is certain, thousands of Berliners are waiting to hear the gospel and learn more.

Then again, maybe we need more time to reshape the message for the postmodern context before we do anything . . . Let's not be hasty.

146-Multiplying Disciples and Churches in Germany

Marcus Rose

Marcus Rose

God called Marcus Rose when he was a teenager and gave him the vision to reach Germany. In a story that moves from Germany to the United States to Thailand and back to Germany, hear how God shapes the life of a movement catalyst.

Get in contact with Marcus through Hoffnung Deutschland.

Stepping out in Essex - the Facts

Russell Godward (right) & Team

Russell Godward (right) & Team

Figures from Russell Godward's 30 Days in the Harvest

Figures from Russell Godward's 30 Days in the Harvest

Russell Godward has been 30 Days in the Harvest. Out every day sharing the gospel, looking for people of peace in Essex, England.

In May he spoke to over 500 people, 300 accepted prayer for needs, 177 wanted to hear the gospel, ten turned and believed. He's doing follow ups with another 37 "yellow lights".

Almost one in ten wanted to hear more. One in fifty were ready to turn and believe.

Russell says it's been hard to get to group/church formation, but the figures continue to show that there are responsive people out there in Britain, waiting for someone to say hi.

Contact Russell for training in the UK.