1- See the end

Movement vision — Touch it. Taste it. Smell it.

Troy and Rachel Cooper’s team have been praying and dreaming for South Florida.

Note how real this vision statement is. You can almost touch it. They know the big picture, they know what movement pioneers do. They know what to do on Monday morning.

Thank you for prayers for our South Florida Team's 2016 vision/planning day today. Here were the outcomes:

Clarified Mission (what we do): "We make disciples who start churches that make disciples who start churches to the 4th generation and beyond" (NOTE: some churches prefer to start groups, missional communities, etc so when working w outside organizations we'll defer to vision of their leadership)

Clarified Vision: "See God establish a 4G church in every ZIP Code by 2020"

Committed Strategy: 5 Parts of Jesus' strategy from Gospels + Acts illustrated by the 4 Fields. Committed to using reproducing tools for each part.

Based on where we are at right now in the CPM Continuum, these are the high-value activities (HVAs) we are committed to: -Prayer & fasting for the harvest -Gospel: abundant seed sowing -Homes: engage every zip code via prayer walking & HoP search -Train believers to mobilize abundant seed sowing and filter for leaders via swarm training & weekly rollouts -Training in the harvest -Team church & strategy gatherings using 3/3s

We're praying for a month and gathering on December 10 to set individual + team goals & will calendar 2016 together. In the meantime Carter Cox challenged us to set personal goals over the next month & the following minimum was agreed upon: -prayer for harvest: 60 min/ day -gospel: 1+/day -1+ HoP search/ wk -2 swarm trainings

Additionally, we're considering example of the Houston team led by Ray Vaughn to seek out local churches who will commit to being "training centers" [host monthly "Gospel Conversations" (L1) Training + HoP Search] with goal of raising up training teams, mobilizing abundant seed sowing, filtering for leaders and establishing fruitful communities of practice. This is in addition to our own catalytic work in the harvest.

We're praying for God to raise up or send us more evangelists on our team. We're also focusing prayer on raising up leaders who reflect our community including Spanish-speaking (various countries represented), African-American, Haitian, Jamaican, etc.

Lastly, we will pray through our Acts 1:8 focus to determine which cities/ people groups we'll focus on (outside South Florida) in North America and among the nations.

Most vision statements aren’t worth the paper they are written on.

What’s your vision? Is it grounded in the Word? Can you touch it? Taste it? Smell it? Do you know what to do on Monday morning?

100-Jeff Sundell casts vision for no place left

Jeff Sundell

Jeff Sundell

This is the 100th episode of the Movements Podcast. To mark this milestone we listen in as Jeff Sundell casts vision to a group of city leaders for NoPlaceLeft.

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097-From church to movement: Jimmy Scroggins

Jimmy Scroggins

Jimmy Scroggins

Jimmy Scroggins, a local church pastor, leads by example and casts vision for church planting movements.

Jimmy developed the 3Circles tool for sharing the gospel.

This podcast is the latest in the Church to Movement series.

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Trouble shooting the Four Fields: Endvision

Four Fields  Shank

The inspiration for my Movements Diamond came from Nathan Shank’s Four Fields training on church planting movements.

Nathan begins with Endvision. What does it look like to finish the task? What does “no place left” mean for you (Rom 15:23).

When he’s equipping movement leaders these are questions Nathan asks them about their Endvision:

  • Can you accomplish your vision?
  • Working backwards, are their significant milestones on the road that can serve as temporary/this year’s goals?
  • What parts/steps toward the vision are still mysterious? Where do you need God to show up?
  • By what metrics do you measure progress toward your vision? • Is your vision big enough for your disciples to own a chunk of the vision?
  • Is your vision compelling?
  • Is your vision the kind of vision that folks would invest their life into?
  • Are your disciples talking about grandchildren in the Lord?
  • Are you the agent of your vision? Who else is needed? 

How could you use these questions? Pull them out at your next team meeting or gathering of practitioners.

Next we’ll look at how Nathan troubleshoots the Entry Field.

UPDATE: Find out more on the Four Fields in my interviews with Nathan somewhere in South Asia: The Five Parts of a CPM Plan

UPDATE: I should have mentioned that the diagnostic questions are a joint project with Nathan Shank, Jeff Sundell and Jared Houk.