What Jesus Started: 5-Gather

113-Pioneering Movements in Cities — David Broodryk

David Broodryk talks to Steve Addison about the place of groups, gatherings and teams in pioneering movements in urban environments.

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110-Multiplying generations of churches — Chuck Wood

Chuck Wood discusses what it takes to move beyond making disciples to multiplying churches. Be prepared for some surprises.

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The Community of Jesus

The hub—or the center—of the church’s mission is verbal proclamation of Christ’s saving work and his offer of salvation to those who believe in him. If Christ and his atonement are removed from the center, the wheel collapses. 

Bruce Ashford

Some food for thought on what the bible says about the church.

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"The Community of Jesus: A Theology of the Church"

How to track the health of a multiplying movement

Tracking Church Health  Shank

Nathan Shank sees a lot of new churches started. Here’s what his team uses to track the health of those churches. Use it combination with his article on mapping the generational growth of churches in a movement and his new guide on church formation.