What Jesus Started: 3-Share

Vision validated by action

Jeff & Angie Sundell Oxford 2015-09.jpg

A report from Jeff and Angie Sundell on the work in Athens. In July the team spent 30 days in the harvest. Here are the outcomes:

  • 2,746 people across Athens, Greeks and refugees, were engaged in a spiritual conversation

  • 680 people received prayer

  • 1848 heard the Gospel

  • 744 red lights — they didn’t want to know more

  • 641 yellow lights — they want to find out more

  • 79 green lights — they want to follow Christ

  • 151 believers trained in how to share the Gospel

  • 32 baptisms

  • 358 are being followed up

30 days is a long time and follow up is hard work. It’s not easy to get to consistent discipleship and church formation. But it is possible.

The people who see multiplying disciples and churches do what Jeff and the team in Athens do. They don’t just talk mission. They have a vision, they act and they mobilise others.

Want to see how all this fits together? Listen to Jeff Sundell’s vision for NoPlaceLeft Europe.

UPDATED: From Buckingham to Athens, the Gospel Does the Work

A team goes out in Buckingham (the place, not the palace) and offers prayer to 129 people over two days.

  • 53% say yes to prayer

  • 34% say yes to hearing the gospel

  • 13% want to know more

  • 2% turn and believe on the spot

This is postmodern, postChristian, secular England. Maybe everyone is unsettled by Brexit. Or maybe the reason we don’t see movements in the west is we’re not in the community sharing the gospel and making disciples.

Get some training.

UPDATE: This just came in from Will Burnham working among immigrants in Athens.

Stop delaying. Get some training.

I love it when this happens

This just came in from Danny MacKay. I think he’s the one on the left:

Some friends and I were grabbing some breakfast and our waitress brought the food to us. I said to her, “Hey. We are gonna thank God for our food and say a prayer of thanks. Is there anything we can pray for you when we do that?” 

She looked each of us in the eye with so much resistance and annoyance. I could tell this was not a welcome offer. 

“If God could do a miracle in your life, what would it be?” I asked. 
“My daughter,” she said quietly and then walked away. 

So we prayed for her and her daughter without knowing anything about the situation. 

Three minutes later our waitress returned to our table with tears in her eyes. “Guys...I don’t know how to explain this. My daughter just texted me...

‘I love you Mom’. 

She told us that she never checks her phone at work, her daughter never texts her, and she definitely never says I love you. And then she struggled to keep herself together in the middle of that little restaurant on the side of the road as she stood by our table doing her best to stay composed. 

She was deeply moved. 

She hugged us all (twice) and said this was something she was not expecting. We shared with her for awhile about the love of God and how real He is and she told us she has some ladies in her life that for YEARS have been inviting her to a bible study. She promised us that now she is going to go 🙂

I love that God was pursuing her before we even met her. He is always working. Even in little diners off the beaten path on the side of the road. He knew her even though we didn’t. 

Wherever we go, the Kingdom of God comes near because we carry it within us. 

And it’s meant to be given away. 

Love people. Jump the fences of your fears and risk it. That’s where God is. And you’ll find Him at work with an extra spot just for you.

"Steve, I woke up one morning and I believed!"


On a recent trip to Sydney Michelle and I caught up with Xu Bing and his wife Sarah.

We first met Bing about six years ago through English Club. I got to do Discovery Bible with Bing, but he wasn’t ready to follow Christ. Bing moved to Sydney and about a year later I rang him and he told me, “Steve I woke up one morning and I believed!”

Since then he’s been following Jesus and his fiancée, now wife, Sarah also turned and believed.

Ten years ago this never happened to Michelle and I. Now it’s a regular occurrence. What changed? We started connecting with people far from God, offering prayer, sharing the gospel, reading the bible with them. God does the rest.

We’re going to share eternity with Bing and Sarah. Isn’t this what we signed up for?

3Circles in 3 minutes

Look what some Aussies have been up to.

I noticed a few movement characteristics:

  • white-hot faith: it takes courage to go into the harvest. As they did, they saw God at work.
  • commitment to the cause: they were clear and upfront about the gospel, and found people who wanted to know more.
  • contagious relationships: they weren't waiting for people to come to them, they went to where the people were. What they shared could be easily passed on to others.
  • rapid mobilization: notice everyone, even children, were getting in on the act.
  • adaptive methods: whatever age you are you can learn to share the 3Circles.

Four responses to the gospel

When they heard about the resurrection of the dead, some of them sneered, but others said, "We want to hear you again on this subject." At that, Paul left the Council. Some of the people became followers of Paul and believed (Acts 17:32-34).

Troy Cooper share the four responses to the gospel and what to do with each one.