Strategy 7-Adaptive methods

3Circles in 3 minutes

Look what some Aussies have been up to.

I noticed a few movement characteristics:

  • white-hot faith: it takes courage to go into the harvest. As they did, they saw God at work.
  • commitment to the cause: they were clear and upfront about the gospel, and found people who wanted to know more.
  • contagious relationships: they weren't waiting for people to come to them, they went to where the people were. What they shared could be easily passed on to others.
  • rapid mobilization: notice everyone, even children, were getting in on the act.
  • adaptive methods: whatever age you are you can learn to share the 3Circles.

Forget BulletPoints. Tell a Story.

Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

According to Carmine Gallo:

Jeff Bezos Banned PowerPoint in Meetings. His Replacement Is Brilliant

In his 2018 annual letter, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos repeated his rule that PowerPoint is banned in executive meetings. What Bezos replaces it with provides even more valuable insight for entrepreneurs and leaders.

In his letter, and in a recent discussion at the Forum on Leadership at the Bush Center, Bezos revealed that "narrative structure" is more effective than PowerPoint. According to Bezos, new executives are in for a culture shock in their first Amazon meetings. Instead of reading bullet points on a PowerPoint slide, everyone sits silently for about 30 minutes to read a "six-page memo that's narratively structured with real sentences, topic sentences, verbs and nouns."


  1. Our brains are hardwired for narrative.
  2. Stories are persuasive.
  3. Bullet points are the least effective way of sharing ideas.

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Build a coalition to reach your city in 12 months

Now that we're back in Australia, we're out training with the intent of building teams and coalitions that pursue NoPlaceLeft. Troy Cooper explains what that looks like.

This strategy is already up and running. It ties in nicely with the Great Commission Pipeline.

156-Growing workers for NoPlaceLeft - UPDATED

There is nothing more important in a multiplying movement than growing the next wave of leaders. Justin White is doing just that.

Troy Cooper: Growing Movement Leaders UPDATED.

Troy Cooper on growing movement pioneers. I love stealing his work!

UPDATE: Troy is coming back to the UK for a 4Day — 4Fields training. If you're in the UK or Europe, get there!