182-NoPlaceLeft Behind Bars

Don Waybright describes how a Texas megachurch is fueling disciple making movements in prisons and around the world.

A previous interview with Don Waybright, missions pastor at Sugar Creek Baptist Church.

Don recommends Steve Smith’s book Spirit Walk:


160-Pioneering NoPlaceLeft in the US

Jeff Sundell (red shirt) and friends

Jeff Sundell (red shirt) and friends

Jeff Sundell talks about the emergence of NoPlaceLeft.

Read about the early days of NoPlaceLeft in Pioneering Movements: Leadership That Multiplies Disciples and Churches.

156-Growing workers for NoPlaceLeft - UPDATED

There is nothing more important in a multiplying movement than growing the next wave of leaders. Justin White is doing just that.

154-NoPlaceLeft in the Latino World β€” Oggie Martin

There are half a billion Spanish-speakers in the world. Oggie Martin wants to reach them.

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UPDATE: The Spanish site for #noplaceleft resources.