Movements — How to Spot the Real Thing

Will Burnham and some of his guys

Will Burnham and some of his guys

There’s a lot of discussion about movements these days, but how do you know if you’re on the right track to see a multiplying movement? There’s a simple test.

Michelle and I have spent a week in Greece learning from what God is doing along the refugee highway. We got to spent time with Will Burnham and workers with Arab, Iranian, African and South Asian backgrounds. Many are former Muslims. Some of them are in the photo above. It was so refreshing to see the early signs of multiplying disciples and churches.

Will just posted this update of what God is doing through these new believers. Look for the evidence of what a movement is.

Michel and some of his disciples left the Training Center a few days ago. They passed an African man on the street sitting beside his adult son who was having a stroke. No one passing by stopped to help. He called out to Michel in Lingala if he spoke his language. Michel realized what was happening and called a taxi and took the man and his son to the hospital where he is recovering! They said if he was 20 minutes later there would be little hope for a recovery. 

As Michel shared the love of Christ the old man described how fear in witchcraft has been their only faith. Both opened their hearts to Jesus! Then the son, Tresor, asked Michel to come to his home where five other African men live in order to share with them. They all believed. Two men are married, one wife is in Paris and the other man’s wife lives in another area of Athens for work. 

Both wives found out about their husbands new faith in Jesus and asked to talk to Michel. The wife in Paris is watching the discipleship videos Michel just did in French. The other wife in Athens asked for Michel to come and share to the 30 other African women living in her building. He plans to go there with two of his female leaders next week. 

God at work through a simple act of kindness. May His Kingdom continue to grow!

Here’s the test of any movement. It’s not about what are you doing. Listen for the stories of what new disciples who were far from God are doing. That’s the difference between a ministry and a movement.