We have some news

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Three years ago we left Australia with a call to pioneer movements of disciples and churches across Britain. We got involved in the harvest, first in east London and then in Leicester. We mobilized and trained nationally and began to identify practitioners who could do the same.

We met Russell Godward soon after we arrived in the UK. For twenty years he’d been a pastor in Essex. In recent times he had led the church through a restructure around missional communities. He was frustrated that the process had not resulted in reaching and multiplying new disciples.

At that time Russell and his wife Jan were in the midst of grieving the loss of their son James.

Russell was uncertain regarding his ministry future but convinced he wanted to give his life to multiplying disciples and churches.

Early in 2015 Russell completed our training at an event in Manchester and began implementing in his local community.

Michelle and I came down and trained members of his church and other churches in the area.

Russell formed a team to reach out locally and he began to train with us.

In November 2015 Russell joined me on a trip to Kenya where we trained fifty young leaders over four days. I discovered Russell was a natural at connecting with students, training and mentoring. He led the way in taking students into the local village to connect with people far from God, share the gospel and then open up a discovery group in their local community.

Halfway through the week I shared my thoughts with Russell and challenged him to pray about moving from being a frustrated local pastor to be a movement pioneer for Britain.

In March 2016 Russell finished up as a pastor and began raising support to join MOVE.

Earlier this year Russell became our lead trainer for Britain. Michelle and I have played a supportive role since. In November, we’ll hand over the leadership of MOVE UK to Russell.

What’s next for us?

Until recently we thought we’d keep living in the UK and focus on opportunities in Europe. We still have Europe on our hearts. But as we have prayed and discussed the future with our Board, we have come to the conviction that it’s time to return to Australia.

Yes, we'll be home by December!