All we did was sit around the kitchen table and read the Bible. Five years later. . .

Michelle and friends from English club

Michelle and friends from English club

This email just came through from a young Chinese woman we met once. We'd begun to disciple her friends Dave and Julie (names changed) and she happened to drop by and join in.

We never heard from her again. Until a few days ago.

Hi Steve and Michelle

Just want to thank you for the work you have done and the work you are doing. Thank God for using you to share His gospels. 

I am so glad to write this email to you. I don't think you still remember me but I always remember you. It was back to March 2012. You and your wife went to Dave and Julie's house (Chinese couple) to read the bible story with us.

I coincidentally attended it but now I know  it was not a coincidence. I am Dave and Julie's friends from a far-away suburb. Back then I was depressed and life was in a mess. I believed in Buddha that time. You gave me the bible (bilingual one). God is so amazing. Since I came back from my friends' house God gave me another indication about Him so I ended up to find a church close to my house.

I started to go to church in April 2012. Now I have been at this church more than five years. 

It is a great journey of being a Christian. Feel so blessed these five years. The faith is growing and know God more. Got married and already had two beautiful children. Can't help expressing God is so good and true. Our God is so faithful. Love Jesus and praise Him. He changes me to a better person.

So thankful  to have Him in my life. 

Best regards,


You never know how God can use just one encounter. We need to keep doing the right things and trust him for the outcome.