Looking for Jessie

Liberté, Paris

Liberté, Paris

Bill Campbell in Paris reports in:

This photo was taken at a recent Liberté gathering, at the end of a week of outreach.

We gathered each morning and pray for “clues” from God. One morning, someone got the name “Jessie”. Later that day, while out in the harvest, one of the teams met a teenage girl named Jessie in the park. She was with friends. They shared Christ with the group, most of which were from Muslim families. Two of Jessie’s friends, and their mom, made professions of faith that day.

The two girls then came to the above church service and came forward to be part of the community. Our team is following up with them, and we’ve been meeting with the mom, for Discovery Bible Study. Just the other day she was at our house for about three hours reading and discussing the Bible, asking questions about Jesus, and receiving prayer, along with another Muslim woman.

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