What to do on Easter Monday morning?

The Road to Emmaus by Robert Zund (1877).

The Road to Emmaus by Robert Zund (1877).

Easter Sunday is over. The disciples are waking up, wondering was it real? Is he alive? They look around the room and smile at one another. He IS Risen.

But what next? Shall we rise up and remove the Romans from power? Take over the Temple? Make Jesus King! Then wait for the nations to flock to Jerusalem.

Everybody had an opinion. But what was Jesus’ agenda? 

Two thousand years later we still haven’t worked that out. We’re as clueless as the first disciples. Until Jesus speaks.

All authority has been given to him. We are to make disciples of all nations by going, baptizing and teaching them to obey Jesus’ commands.  The message of the forgiveness of sins must go to the whole world. Prepare to receive the power of the Holy Spirit.

Once Jesus pointed them in the right direction, they knew what to do. When they got stuck, the Spirit moved them on.

The Word keeps spreading and doesn’t stop. Jews and Gentiles turn and believe the gospel and immediately begin gathering. Churches start popping up everywhere.

It wasn’t easy. But it was clear. They knew what to do. They got on with it. 

The best sermons, books and conferences can’t help you. Unless they lead you into obedience to Jesus. Put your mission on hold. Embrace his.