From the airport to the apartment with Asan

We hopped in our taxi last night from the airport into Stockholm. Our driver was Kurdish with a good command of Swedish, Arabic, Kurdish, some Turkish and English. We’ll call him Asan.

The conversation turned to life in Sweden for a Kurdish immigrant. He couldn’t have been happier with the welcome he received from the Swedish people. We moved onto our families. He has five children, we have four. Then to religion. He grew up Muslim but had turned to his own brand of Zoroastrianism a dualistic religion that dates back to centuries before the Arab conquests and coming of Islam.

I asked him about Jesus. What did he think of Isa? He thought he was wonderful. A servant, not a warrior. Asan would often pray to Isa when he was in trouble. He had read the Bible.

By now we were parked outside our apartment in the city. Asan has turned off the engine.

Asan, I’d like to draw a picture that would explain what Jesus taught and what he did for us.

I drew the 3Circles. Asan sat a looked amazed at the simplicity of what I had shared. He wasn’t ready to turn and believe but he would like to take the picture and think about it.

Then he told us to stay seated in his taxi and wait. He went around to Michelle’s door and opened it, addressing her as “Princess Michelle.” Then to my door and opened it, calling me “Prince Stephen.”

He carried our bags to the door of the apartment. We took a photo and swapped details. He told us we were the best passengers he ever had (maybe he was exaggerating).

It only took a listening ear and a simple drawing. Yet the whole time God was powerfully present.

Pray for Asan, his wife and five children that they would come to a complete knowledge of Jesus and follow him.

And if anyone is looking for a good taxi driver in Stockholm, I can recommend one.