A café somewhere in Rome.

A café somewhere in Rome.

I was a frustrated author with a book nobody wanted to publish. Then I discovered blogging and decided to leak my book out one idea, one story at a time. That was eleven years ago.

Two thousand posts later the Movements blog is now regularly read by over 1,000 people from Melbourne to London, from Chiang Mai to New York, from Lagos to Katmandu. We’ve published 130 episodes of the Movements podcast. Listeners have downloaded a total of 126,000 of those episodes.

Three commitments guide this site:

1. Building a Biblical foundation

We’re building solid Biblical foundations for multiplying movements. At the centre is the example of Jesus our pioneer. What did he do? What did he train his disciples to do? What did the Risen Lord empower the early church and Paul to do? What does that look like today? 

2. Sharing the stories and the lessons

We keep returning to the stories and lessons from the great movements of the past and the multiplying movements of today. The secret of the Movements podcast is that effective practitioners tell their story and share what they are learning. I let them speak. We hear about the breakthroughs and the tough times. Our hearts are inspired and we learn. We take the encouragements and the lessons into our context.

3. Widening the circle

Movements are never confined to one stream, one organisation, one methodology. We need each other. God has used this site to connect practitioners across nations and around the world. Invaluable partnerships have been formed.

Finally a word about my audience.

Who are they?  My audience are the men and women who lay down their lives every day to connect with people far from God, and share the Gospel. You are my audience, my teachers and my heroes as you multiply disciples and churches. Everywhere. 

My calling is to serve you. Whoever you are. Wherever you are.

For Christ and his kingdom

Steve Addison