The God who speaks (1)

A few years ago I was working through the Book of Acts when I struck by the repeated references to the Word of God. Not just a written text, but an active player in the story. In Acts, the Word grows, spreads and multiplies. Wherever the Word goes new disciples and churches begin popping up.

The Apostles are not the main characters in the book of Acts. The Word is. Luke ends his account with Paul under house arrest, facing trial. Yet despite Paul’s confinement, the Word continues to spread unhindered.

Luke doesn’t tell us what eventually happened to Paul. Acts isn't about Paul, it’s about the spread of the Word bringing salvation, discipleship and churches—everywhere it goes.

Since then I’ve read Acts with new eyes. It’s the living Word of God that propels his mission forward. God is at the centre. He is a God who speaks and his speech is not just words, but a living Word that makes things happen.

This is at the heart of what it means to multiply disciples and churches.