Is Iran turning?

1979 Iranian Revolution

1979 Iranian Revolution

All over the world Iranians are putting their faith in Christ. No one predicted that back in 1979 when the Ayatollah Khomeini was swept to power on the rising tide of and Islamic revolution. 

Historian Philip Jenkins tries to make sense of a reality no-one prediected.

Iran is one of the most fiercely Islamist regimes in the world. Since the Revolution in 1979 the Islamists have maintained strong control of the nationโ€™s life.The result has been the steep fall in religious observance. Before the Revolution 50% of Iranians attended Friday prayers. And the fertility rate was 7 children per woman.
Now less than 5% attend Friday prayers and fertility has fallen to European levels. Low fertility is an indication of a secular culture.Under Islamic rule Iranians are turning away from commitment to Islam. Just the opposite of what any expert would have predicted back in 1979.

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