Firing Your MetaMissional™ Imagination

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I’ve just come from a workshop on Firing Your MetaMissional™ Imagination with Dr S Crewtape. He’s a Meta-Missional™ thought leader.

His message to a room full of cutting-edge, world-focused, MetaMissional™ followers went something like this:

MetaMissional™ is a game-changer but we’re losing the game. 

Today’s faith consumer has a problem with the Cross. Our focus groups reveal that it’s an embarrassment. Christ dying in our place for our sins? It just doesn’t fly in a MetaMissional™ context. We don’t do the wrath of God anymore. We don’t do sin and death.

You can still believe all that stuff. Just don’t mention it to anyone. (I still believe and tremble).

What we have to do is reimagine what it means to be who we are and who we are becoming and what this sentence means. You heard me.

What we need is a MetaMissional™ response to a MetaMissional™ world.

What is MetaMissional™? It’s the people of God in the MetaMissional™ mode of engagement. MetaMissional™ IS MetaMissional™ You got it.

It’s the GoodNews. God is nice. He lets bygones be bygones. Love reigns! High five! Everyone wins.

God doesn’t need the Cross to save us. Love means never having to say sorry. We’re all forgiven, even before we ask. Even if we never bother to ask. WOW.

Doesn’t that make you feel better? Our research shows this generation will buy the Meta-Missional™ message. It’s going to be HUUGE.

So let’s get on with the MetaMissional™ mission and make this world a happier place for everyone.

Visit for the full transcript.

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