Manchester final figures

Nick Duffy

Nick Duffy

We crowded into the hotel conference room for our final session at the end of a long week searching for people and houses of peace.

The stories from the day came in. Nick Duffy added up the totals.

Over five days:

  • 423 people received prayer
  • 241 heard the gospel (3Circles)
  • 62 yellow lights — they want to meet up again and hear more (7Stories of Hope)
  • 18 green lights — they turned and believed and are ready to meet for discipleship (7Commands)

All of this happened in Moss Side, notorious for its high rate of drug and gang related murders.

Thanks to our hosts, Anthony Delaney and Ivy Church, and to Don Waybright and the team from Sugar Creek which included their lead pastor Mark Hartman.

UPDATE I’ve just read Don’s report. I like his better than mine. It captures the incredible diversity of people we encountered.

Theresa & Don Waybright

Theresa & Don Waybright

The notorious Moss Side neighborhood of Manchester UK is recognized as the most diverse neighborhood in the world. We encountered Muslims from around the world, Rastafarians, Gnostics, drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, gang bangers and more.

Look what God did in five days with less than 20 people surrendered in the Spirit and abiding in Christ...prayed for 423; shared the gospel with 241; 18 salvations with beginning discipleship; 62 desire to continue the discovery of life in Jesus with follow up appointments, one church started. Jesus is filled with Joy! #noplaceleft#noplaceleftmanchester

Don (& Theresa) Waybright