Jesus at 30,000 Feet


I always look forward to an update from Grant McAllister. Here’s his latest…

I got comfortable and settled in to switch off and watch a movie before the busy two weeks ahead and noticed an older Asian man sitting next to me.

Part way though the flight (at and my movie!) the gentleman next to me tapped me on the shoulder. I took the headphones off, said hello and settled in for a chat with my plane buddy. He asked me where I was from and what kind of work I did. I told him I lived in Hong Kong as was involved in church work.

“So you are a Christian then?” Salim asked.

“Yes,” I replied. He then told me he is Muslim and from Sri Lanka.

“Do you know what the Koran says about Jesus?” I asked.

“I know Jesus did many miracles and healed many people,” Salim answered. “Muhammad did a lot of teaching but he didn’t do any miracles like Jesus did.”

I talked about how in the Koran it says Jesus was sinless, born of a virgin and did miracles. I went on and asked, “If, in the Koran, it says Jesus was sinless, born of a virgin and did miracles and if Muhammad only offered teaching, who do you think is the best person to follow?”

He paused and reflected. The Spirit stirred him, then a slow realisation showed on his face and he acknowledged that Jesus must be greater. “Indeed Jesus is greater than Muhammad,” I explained. “Jesus can forgive our sins because he is alive! And we can know Him personally.”

“Salim,” I asked, “would you like to know Jesus and ask Him to forgive your sins?”

“Yes!” he replied with great enthusiasm.

So, there, at 30,000 feet we prayed and Salim from Sri Lanka asked Jesus to forgive his sins and said he wanted to follow Him. Salim’s son-in-law in Sri Lanka is a Christian and when he returns to Sri Lanka he is looking forward to talking with him.

Please pray that the seed that has been planted in Salim’s heart will grow and that he will become a strong follower of Christ.

I can now reveal that Grant McAllister is “Barney”. Now that he’s in a more secure location you can even subscribe to his updates.

Yes, I chose the image of an Air New Zealand plane because “Barney” is a Kiwi.