After 46 years Phil and Ruthann are still saying thanks

Phil & Ruth Ann Alessi

Phil & Ruth Ann Alessi

This just came in after yesterday’s post on who is qualified for ministry:


Yesterday I called the man who brought my wife and I to Jesus. I do this every year on our spiritual anniversary. He was a boat builder with a 10th grade education, but kept looking for people outside the church. . .and found us.

This week I met with Scotty who came to faith while in jail and eventually prison. Fifteen months ago he and his wife minister twice a week at the same dorm where he was incarcerated. Over 500 inmates have come to faith in the last 12 months. His resume is 27 pages long aka his rap sheet.

When it comes to movement, I’ll take a Scotty over a scholar any day. I am writing as one who taught church planting on a seminary level for five years, planted multiple churches, and provided leadership for church planting on a denominational level.

Phil Alessi