I love it when Clint reports in

Clint Harrill

Clint Harrill

From his latest newsletter:

The team and I began prayer walking the local area and got into a small apartment and an old run down trailer park.

We have seen two churches start, one at the apartment and one at the trailer park. Seven people have come to Christ and three baptized. We’ll baptize two more tonight.

We visit multiple times every week. Every visit we meet new people with a hunger for Jesus. Many are on the verge of coming to Christ and the ones who have given their lives to Christ are experiencing life changes.

We’re learning that the key is following up and intentionally living life with these people. Their lives are chaos and we have to take Jesus into this chaos. 

Read those last two sentences again. Clint’s not a hit and run evangelist. He’s making disciples and planting churches.

Here’s where you can go and support him financially.