Looking for a house of peace in Gisambai

Russell Godward

Russell Godward

A story from our latest newsletter

I was in Kenya to train fifty young Africans how to spark movements that multiply disciples and churches. Russell Godward, a church leader from England came with me.

On the first day, Russell grabbed two Kenyans, Louis and Ken and took the gravel road into the town of Gisambai looking for “a house of peace” (Luke 10:1-11).

They struck up a conversation with two young men outside the “boda-boda” (motor-cycle) station where you can pick up a motorbike taxi.

The two men thought it was a great joke that a white Englishmen and two Kenyans wanted to pray for them. Soon they settled down.

Both hadn’t worked in a long time. They were drinking and using drugs. One was going to court to face a serious charge. He told them he was innocent.


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