Putting the gospel to work

I regularly get emails like these soon after our initial Following and Fishing training.

This one from a youth leader:

Unbelievable news, you challenged us to give it a go, and so on the car ride back from football, God gave me the chance to share the gospel with my best friend. So I gave the 3 Circle thing a bash and it really really helped me speak with clarity, and guess what after years of praying and chatting he was a green light and so driving along on the way back from Football he surrendered his life to Jesus ..... Unbelievable!!!! So delighted and amazed to see God working so powerfully, and awesome to be a part of it!!!

This one from a pastor:

Thank you so much for your equipping and encouragement last week. I met with four Muslim friends yesterday afternoon. After listening to an audio track of the creation story and having a Discovery Bible type discussion, we then explained the 3 Circles. When we asked them which circle described them best, three said they were with Jesus, pursuing God’s Plan. The fourth said he was in Brokenness but wanted to move to the Jesus circle.

We all stood as he prayed and gave his life to the Lord!

We asked one of the guys to re-teach the 3 Circles in their language. We encouraged them all to share the 3 Circles with a friend before we meet again.

They understand that our aim is for them to lead the gatherings in their own language within a few weeks. I’m hopeful that another two or three guys will join the group next time! It feels like quite a breakthrough, and the diagram was so helpful in bringing clarity to everyone’s place on the journey.

It’s just a beginning, but it is a beginning.

I remind people that the 3 Circles doesn’t “work”. The gospel “works.” The 3 Circles is a great way to present the gospel. God does the work through the Word and the Spirit. We partner.

The reason people aren’t coming to faith in Britain is that we aren’t sharing the gospel, and making disciples who learn to obey everything that Jesus commanded.

So, if you live in the UK, why not attend our last Following and Fishing training for 2015 in Manchester?