From church to movement: Family Church, West Palm Beach

Jimmy Scroggings

Jimmy Scroggings

Here’s a story to warm your heart. It comes from one of the fastest growing churches in America.

From a movements perspective, being in the top 100 fastest growing churches is not the point.

The church I’m talking about is Family Church in West Palm Beach Florida. Led by Jimmy Scroggins.

  • 9th fastest growing church in the USA.
  • Attendance: 3,145
  • Growth in 2014: +802 (34%)

Rankings come and go. Churches rise and fall. Jesus didn’t come just to plant a church, he came to spark a movement that multiplies disciples and churches. Everywhere.

This is a growing church that is fuelling movements. They have trained thousands of people to connect, share the gospel, make disciples. They already have streams of multiplying disciples. They have begun to launch church planting teams with zero budget and no buildings — no resources apart from the Word and the Spirit and some great training and mentoring.

It’s still early days, but this church is working hard at doing the right things, and trusting God to do what he alone can do.

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