Movement lessons from the Exodus: 2 The clash of kingdoms


The second lesson for movement pioneers from the Exodus…

Expect a battle. The Exodus event was a long drawn out affair. Pharaoh hardens his heart and won’t let the people of Israel go. Things get worse for Israel. They blame Moses. Moses blames God with some justification.

God hardens Pharaoh’s heart. God wants to display his power. The salvation of his people is also the judgment of Egypt’s gods. Egypt’s life comes from the Nile. Egyptians worship the Nile as a god. The river turns to blood. Heqet the Egyptian fertility goddess is depicted in Egyptian art with the head of frog. God sends a plague of frogs. The Egyptians worshipped the Re the sun god. God blots out the sun and causes darkness over the land. Pharaoh, a divine being is a son of Re. He is utterly defeated. Pharaoh’s headdress is in the form of a cobra. God turns Moses’ staff into a snake that destroys the snakes of the Egyptian magicians. The God of creation brings chaos and destruction upon the false gods of Egypt.

The God of Israel judges the gods of this world. He displays he glory to his people and to the whole world. He triumphs over his enemies.

Movement pioneers should expect trouble. They should expect a battle. They should expect God to reveal his glory and power over the enemy.

Movement lessons from the Exodus: 1. God’s power