Movement lessons from the Exodus: 1. God’s power

216293 Charlton Heston as Moses The Ten Commandments 1956 Paramount

After a few years in the Gospels and Acts I left the New Testament and dived into Exodus. Today I took some time to reflect on the lessons for movement pioneers from the Exodus event.

The first thing I noticed is that the deliverance of Israel is entirely God’s doing. God takes the initiative. He sees it through.

God chooses to work through human agents, Moses in particular. Moses is not qualified for the task. Moses is weak and lacks faith. God chose him anyway and expects him to play an important role.

Effective movement pioneers take God seriously and they take their calling seriously, but they have a healthy lack of confidence in themselves. They have a strong sense of stepping into something that God is doing. God’s call qualifies them. They discover his power in their weakness.

Moses points forward to the Apostle and Pioneer of our faith, Jesus. God’s power revealed in weakness through the Cross and the Resurrection.