Taking Easter to your neighbourhood

Here’s what Dave and his team have been doing in the lead up to Easter:

We began visiting people last Wednesday.

Here’s what we did:

  1. Greeting: Hi my name is Dave and this is Fred, we are meeting our neighbours over this Easter period and wanting to share a little of the Easter blessing by giving a simple gift. Can we offer you this gift?
  2. Give the Gift if they are OK to receive. (we gave 5-7 small easter eggs in cellophane with a ribbon, Nice!)
  3. Question listening and Dialogue: We are wondering also if people have an opinion about Easter. Do you have an opinion about Easter? (Or you could ask “What do you think is the spiritual significance of Easter?)
  4. Prayer: After some discussion and interaction if you hear about a need offer to pray or: “We are also looking to bless our community with prayer at this time. If God was to meet a need of yours or of your family, what would that be? Can we pray that now?”

We now have thirteen people to follow up. We plan to follow up by telling a Bible story, bridging to a simple gospel presentation, finding out if they want to know more, inviting them to a Discovery Group in their neighbourhood.


It’s not too late to give it a try in your neighbourhood.