One handshake and a Skype call away from reaching the Muslim world

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One of the women Michelle trained is now training Muslim background believers (MBBs) in Australia to share the gospel and made disciples.

The MBBs are sharing their stories and stories about Jesus via Skype with friends and family back home in Iran and Turkey.

Who would have thought that you are just a handshake and a Skype call away from making disciples and planting churches in Muslim majority nations.

You may remember Joy, a Chinese-Australian who has led her family to Christ, baptised some of them and is now helping them plant a church in their village. Joy is in Melbourne, her family are in a remote town in China. All this was achieved over a mobile phone. Including the baptisms.

Now for a few questions:

  • Are you methods of sharing the gospel, making disciples and planting churches so simple, yet profound, that they are spreading around the globe?
  • How many ordinary people are sitting idle when all they need is some training and encouragement to get started making disciples?
  • How do you measure success? By what you are doing? Or by what the people you have trained are doing?
  • How big is your vision? Have you ever thought the gospel could jump from the house across the road to the ends of the earth?