Q. What would Jesus do about Islam? A. Move towards the chaos.

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Everyday I get up and expect a new atrocity somewhere in the world related to the rise of radical Islam. We’re not just talking about the Middle-East this is a global reality from Nigeria to Indonesia to England to Yemen.

We can argue about whose fault it is. We can debate whether Islam is an inherently violent religion.

I want ask, what will it take to spread the gospel throughout the Isalmic world so that muslims discover for themselves the good new of Jesus.

These are days of great tragedy and horror. They are also days in which the light of the gospel shines even more brilliantly against a dark background. I once asked some workers who had gospel movements among muslims what they were learning. “Move towards the chaos” was their answer. Go to where the trouble is and expect an open door.

What did Jesus tell us to expect right up until the very end of history? Trouble. 

Expect trouble in this world. Expect triumph in this world because Jesus has overcome it. Expect suffering because his victory came through the Cross.

What would Jesus “do” about Islam? He’d move towards the chaos looking for people God has prepared.