Paris every day


Our attention has been rightly focused on events in Paris recently. But spare a thought and a prayer for those who face persecution daily without the protection of an impartial and effective police force.

They have been burning churches and murdering Christians again in Niger. You’d think that they’d have more immediately pressing concerns than worrying about a cartoon, Niger regularly winning the award for being the worst country anywhere on God’s earth, and the poorest. But nope, it’s kill-a-kuffar time once more. Some 45 churches set alight and at least five people killed and 50 injured. Adherents of the Religion of Peace (© all UK politicians) included in their pyromania a Christian orphanage…


UPDATE: We also need to remember that it’s not only Jews, Christians, and secularists in the firing line. Islam has been divided against itself since the first generation after Muhammad—around 1400 years. The Sunni-Shia divide is at the core of the war in Syria which so far has cost 200,000 lives and displaced 1 million people. Only the Prince of Peace can heal the troubled heart of Islam.