Still learning

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Here we are passing through Bangkok. Visiting our workers. In Bangkok I can recommend the Quest Cafe.

We’ve just come out of India and before that the Middle East. We’ve been in Muslim-majority, Hindu-majority and Buddhist-majority nations. A mixture of learning and helping others learn how to apply movement principles in everyday practice that results in multiplying disciples and churches.

Here’s what I learned from Jeff Sundell—practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice makes perfect.

This is a variation on the principle that they don’t know it unless they can do it.

When you’re training, assume people haven’t got it until they have practiced a new skill six times. When you lead someone to Christ get them to practice sharing the gospel with you right away before they share with their friends and family. When you catch up next, practice again and keep practicing.

When you want a group to become church,  you need to practice what church does. Six times. You model it then what while they do church.

So next time you blame your trainees for “not getting it” ask yourself, did I get them to practice six times?

Here’s an insight from Chuck Wood on helping people reach their relational world/s—oikos mapping.

As soon as someone comes to Christ get them to map their significant relationships. I used to get people just to list them. Mapping is a better way to go. Chuck Wood has produced a video on how to do oikos mapping. Once their relationships are mapped they can pray for each person and begin sharing. They bring the map each week to discipleship and update you on how they are sharing. You pray over the oikos map out they go again. Do that every week and you might just see the gospel reach networks of people rather than just individuals.

So two things you can start doing today—practice every skill six times, everyone has an oikos map and updates it every week.