When it comes to training, what's true north?

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As I mentioned, we’re learning a lot about training and mobilising in the short time we’ve been in the UK.

Here’s a few lessons that point to true north when it comes to training.

  1. Train just enough to get people started in the harvest.
  2. Don’t train in order to change people priorities. Train people who want to make disciples.
  3. The more people apply, the more training and input they receive.
  4. Let the stories of what God is doing attract others to the training.
  5. Start training with the basic skills, not movement principles.
  6. After people start doing something it’s time to teach them movement principles. Not before.
  7. Stay in touch after the training and look for those who are quick to do something. Give them your time.
  8. Don’t make enemies. Give people permission to opt in (or out) at the level for which they are ready.
  9. The end game is a team of people who want to make disciple and mobilise others.
  10. Train broadly to find the people you need to go deep with.